aAg is proud to announce that we are working with noted abstract expressionist Richard Schemm. aAg Director, Donald Wood­Smith, says, "Richard Schemm is a gifted abstract expressionist whose masterful use of color and brushstroke are reminiscent of the best work produced by the master's of the movement. His paintings are soulful and mesmerizing, a fact highlighted perhaps best in his wonderful small works; these tiny intimate works, precious jewels of paintings that exist on a particularly special plane, are rare treasures as so few artists are willing and able to experiment with the constraints of such a small space upon which to create. I first came upon Richard's work while serving as director of the legendary Allan Stone collection. Richard's work jumped out to me whilst surrounded by titans of the past two centuries of art history. Allan Stone used to say that the best way to judge the quality of a painting is to hang it on a wall amongst other very great paintings and see if it can stand amongst them. Richard's work is rare, there are very few abstract expressionists working today whose work can hang on the wall next to a deKooning or Kline, or Gorky, and not be chased right off. Richard's work hangs with them and I can think of no higher compliment to pay it."