About Richard Schemm, Artist

Richard Schemm is a painter of rare and nuanced talent. Schemm has been creating sumptuous art for over five decades and has traveled widely in pursuit of his muse.

His work takes on many forms following the lead of the masters. His influences are varied and evident in his bold patterns, layering, and erudite composition. His work hearkens to the color and grandeur of those who came before him including Pierre Bonnard, Maillol, Goya, Chagall, Kandinsky, and de Kooning.  

Schemm’s work has been shown in many galleries across the United States including the Allan Stone Gallery. It was the Allan Stone Gallery that gave Andy Warhol his first show in New York City. Schemm spent many years exploring New York as a fertile environment for his creativity. He has also exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art and Design and has been auctioned at Christie’s and Sotheby’s.

In 2009, Ann Temkin, Curator of Painting and Sculpture at the Museum of Modern Art, had his work cataloged in the museum’s library. During the last fifteen years, he has also been a regular participant in Art Basel | Miami Beach. Schemm has received numerous awards and prizes for his inventive installations.

“The way I paint is my quest for freedom, and freedom is very difficult.”

- Richard Schemm

Donald William Wood-Smith, Director of the VW Contemporary Gallery in Greenwich, CT, had this to say upon experiencing Schemm’s work,

“Richard Schemm is a gifted abstract expressionist whose masterful use of color and brushstroke are reminiscent of the best work produced by the masters of the movement.

His paintings are soulful and mesmerizing, a fact highlighted perhaps best in his wonderful small works; these tiny intimate works, precious jewels of paintings that exist on a particularly special plane …

Richard’s work jumped out to me whilst surrounded by titans of the past two centuries of art history. Allan Stone used to say that the best way to judge the quality of a painting is to hang it on a wall amongst other very great paintings and see if it can stand amongst them.

Richard’s work is rare, there are very few abstract expressionists working today whose work can hang on the wall next to a deKooning or Kline or Gorky, and not be chased right off. Richard’s work hangs with them and I can think of no higher compliment.”

“Richard Schemm is one of the most prolific painters of our time, he paints as he breathes, the brush is as natural to him as his hands, it’s a third hand for him; his painting is of immense sensitivity, like bursts of light, that come from deep within him, like bright glimmers of hope, and its abstraction is the concrete existence of its spirit one could say in action, as Hegel might say: Richard’s art is luminously the manifestation of the fusion of the spiritual and the sensitive.”

~ Flora De Negroni, Artist, Island of Corsica

New NFT Collection

Richard Schemm works in many media including, sculpture, oil painting, drawing, collage, and photography. Today he is embracing the intersection of art and technology by releasing new works as NFTs.

To inquire about purchasing his art, please contact Richard Schemm’s Agent Jennifer Szunko using the contact form below.